5 Second Rule

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Ready to take your game night to a new level of hilarity and fun? Introducing our adult card games that are perfect for your next get-together. Imagine a party where guests are trying to name three uses for their tongue without getting tongue-tied, all under the pressure of a ticking timer. Prepare for side-splitting laughter as answers slip out that may be more suited to the “smutty corner” of the mind. These are not just fun party games; they’re the recipe for an unforgettable night of raunchy laughter! This version of the fun indoor game is brought to you by PlayMonster, the makers of the beloved 5 Second Rule. Known for crafting engaging and humorous games, they’ve now put on their ‘uncensored hats’ to create a fresh, adult take on the original.


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  • UNCENSORED HUMOR — With categories made to take your mind to the gutter for some fun!
  • THINK FAST — Try to name 3 items in your category before time runs out!
  • SILLY SLIP UPS — In your rush to answer the prompt in 5 seconds, who knows what you’ll say!
  • FUNNY GAME — As you race against the clock, there is plenty of laughter to share in from what you spit out!
  • COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED — Game includes a timer to keep track of your 5 seconds!


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