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Trivia Trolls: A Fun Trivia Game

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Get ready for endless laughter and family fun with Trivia Trolls! Perfect for parties, this engaging game brings together the whole family to test their knowledge and wit. Challenge your friends, answer quirky questions, and discover who reigns supreme in the realm of trivia. Let the trolling begin!

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In a game of Trivia Trolls, two teams compete head to head in general trivia knowledge across seven different categories – Pop Culture, Entertainment, Sports, Science, Geography, History and Mystery. But here’s the twist – Each team has the ability to TROLL the opposing team with funny accents, ridiculous charades, impossible challenges, and many more embarrassing actions! So gather your party people and get ready for a TROLL of a time!

The Basics
  • 4-12 Players
  • Ages 14+
  • Duration: ~30-45 minutes
  • Objective: First team to 11 points wins


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