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Get ChurchED: Christian Party Game

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Get ChurchED is the Christian Party Game! Get ready to go down memory lane with this exciting team game that gets you to burst into Christian songs and tell Bible stories by acting or describing.

Get ChurchED is 3 games in 1 – Sing, Act, Explain. Get your team to sing or say as many words as possible in only 30 seconds in order to rack up points. No vocal or acting talent is needed.

Expect laughter, praise, interesting body movements, and not-so-humble winners!

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Sing: Can you think of a Christian song with ‘Jesus’ in the Lyrics? How about ‘Victory’?  You get to sing a Christian song that includes the word on the card and you may sing in any language known to someone on the opposing team

Act & Explain: Play the red cards to focus on charades – how would you act out “Angel” or “Woman touches garment”?

Play the blue cards to describe any way you like – how would you describe “Bethlehem” or “Hosea”?

Choose between easy cards (light colors) or challenge cards (dark colors)

In the box: 300 Words, 30 Second Sand Timer & Game Guide + Mini Bible Overview

Ages 14 and up (the easier/light colored cards can be played easily by kids) | 4 or more players

Have fun!!


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