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Do or Drink Date Night

KSh 2,600.00

Fun Couples Card Games for Adults – Get to know your partner better with truth or dare style couples games. Comes with 250 challenge, battle, dare, fill in the blank, and guess cards made by couples. This game is the classic combination of “game night” and “date night”!

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  • No More Boring Party Games – Look no further as this game will make you understand your relationship deeper. Agree or disagree on who’s the better driver, more likely to start an argument, and more
  • A Great Date Night Gift for Couples – We took our couples theme pack to another level with 200 more cards to make a great date night or game night
  • Guaranteed to make you laugh and learn more about your significant other. This drinking game for adults is perfect for any stage of your relationship
  • Our Promise – Have a blast through our relationship card game for couples! Stay in for date night and get to know your partner’s process love language, thoughts, feelings, and ideas on a wide selection of topics. This game will help inspire deeper connections through real conversations.


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